hello there!

i know i never post anymore. i keep jumping back and forth between wanting to keep up with it and wanting to try something different


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mmm pretty shoes 🙂

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lunch. robert and i have been doing this bootcamp called Body by Buck. we haven’t had a consistent workout in quite some time, so now we’re struggling to re-shape our eating habits to help out with the workout. which basically just means i’m checking every label for protein. turns out a can of spaghettios with meatballs has about 22 grams of protein. so that plus my bagel for breakfast is over 30 grams. i still need a lot more, but that’s a good start.

my plethora of candles. smells so good 🙂

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last night i was priveledged to lead worship for a leader event at church. the event was ridiculous. the leaders were on fire, and it might have been the most fun i’ve ever had singing.

one of my main thoughts afterwards was “dang it is so easy to lead worship when the people are on fire like that.”
i had to stop myself in the middle of that thought because the problem is that most of the time when you’re leading worship, it’s not like that. the crowd isn’t on fire. the energy isn’t super high. the atmosphere isn’t set for you when you hit the stage.

BUT the beauty is that God is present in worship whether there are 100 passionate leaders raising their voices as one to praise the Father who loves them or 1000 people who are still learning to worship together, who are afraid to raise their hands in praise even though there is something stirring in their hearts.

times of worship like last night are good. they are inspiring. they are encouraging. they make me want to push harder as a worship leader to really be a vessel for God to bring people closer to Him in worship. but those times are rare, and i cannot expect every worship experience to be like that. and i must not get discouraged when i encounter a worship experience that seems to have less energy, enthusiasm and passion. the point is that i must always worship the one true Lord and know that He will reach people’s hearts no matter what the circumstances.

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love notes and pretty things

i love lauren i really do. sister in christ, amazing friend, one who loves deeply and shares often.

the thing i love most about getting mail from her is that she is intentional about every part. from notes on the envelope…

…to the cute, albeit random, card. and the selection of images (“pretty things”) within.

if you don’t know or follow lauren via one of her many social networking websites, you should. she has a heart for people like i’ver never seen before. she gets herself into unimaginable situations (like praying for others in the smack dab middle of heartbreak and painful times, seeing people through hardships and bringing people closer to the heart of Christ and changing their lives forever) and thinks her life is perfectly normal when it’s not. it is extraordinary. it’s brilliant. and though she is hundreds of miles away, i am unendingly blessed to know her.

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i had the best, most exhausting sunday on the planet.

nothing in the world makes me happier than to hear the voices of hundreds of people worshiping a Father who is loving, creative and strong. nothing makes me happier than to sing with them. to scream with them. to love with them.

this is what it feels like to watch the sun stand still.

we are the change the world is waiting for
we’ve got a love the world is desperate for
we will lead and take to Your streets

we’re not afraid. we will abandon all to hear Your name on lips across the world
we will run in the wake of Your love

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awesome possum

so at the common market today i found these awesome magnets and buttons (/pins whatever you want to call them) and they are just plain great. i bought 3. because i’m just more in love with charlotte every day. and they were funny.

if you can’t read them or are too lazy to click on the picture they say:
“size matters. charlotte, largest city in nc” *green*
“north carolina. we like being on top of south carolina” *light blue*
“charlotte, north carolina. we call downtown uptown” *navy*


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